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Webinar 009 – AIOS SC Case Files – Mysteries of Refractive Surgery

The Mysterious SMILE : Tips And Tricks

Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev

Solving The Mystery Of Post-Op Retained Lenticule In SMILE

Dr.Sri Ganesh

The Mystery Of Biomechanics, Wound Healing And More In Refractive Surgery

Dr.Rohit Shetty

Mystery Of A Versatile Laser

Dr. Chekitanan Singh

My Mysterious Case File

Dr.Vardhaman Kankaria

My Mystery Case -Post PRK Haze

Dr. Anantha D

My Mystery Case -Presbyopia Lasik

Dr. Hariprasad Vokuda

My Mystery Case With Microkeratome Lasik

Dr.Praveen Subudhi

Mystery Unravelled : AI Driven Predictions: Acusimx

Dr.Abhijit Sinha Roy