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Webinar 003 – Oculoplasty and Facial Aesthetics Case Files

Blepharoplasty-The trecherous anterior lamellae

Dr.Ramzi Alameddine

Blepharoplasty-Silver lining in the cloud

Dr.Adit Gupta

New trends, new challenges

Dr. Francesco P. Bernadini

A Conceptual Approach to Facial Feminization Surgery

Key-Note Lecture: Dr. Cat N. Burkat

Mucocele decompression

Dr. Raoul Paulo D. Henson

More than meets the eye

Dr. Sushma Ananthakrishna


Key-Note Lecture: Dr. Don O. Kikkawa

Switch flap-closing the gap

Dr. Joyeeta Das

Efforts scarred

Dr. Sajjad Fazili

Congenital icthyosis - less is more

Dr. Ankita Aishwarya