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Webinar 002 – Glaucoma Case Files, International Stars

Management Of Angle Closure Disease

Keynote Speaker – Prof. Dr. David Steven Friedman

Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines For Management Of Open Angle Glaucoma

Keynote Speaker – Prof. Dr.Pradeep Ramulu

Take The Bait

Dr. Neetu Mohan

Orbit And Glaucoma - Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma, A Rare Presentation

Dr. Smita Panda

Secondary Glaucoma

Dr. Maneesh Singh

GDD After Trab Fails, What Next After GDD Fails

Dr. Sushma Tejwani

Progression Despite Normal IOP - More Than Meets The EYE

Dr. Digvijay Singh

Juvenile Occular Hypertension - Therapeutic Dilemma

Dr. Narottama Sindhu

Prof.Dr. Surinder Singh Pandav