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Webinar 010 – AIOS SC Case Files – My Unhappy Patient

My Unhappy Patient: Toric IOL Rotation

Dr.Abhinav Biala

The Chocolate, I Hate!

Dr. MD Shahid Alam

Sics In Pediatric Ectopia Lentis Cataract

Dr. Prasad Walimbe

Unhappy Patient Of Cataract Surgery In An Eye With Previous Glaucoma Surgery

Dr.Prathama Sarkar

Post Op Unhappy Patient With Strange Complaints!

Dr. Shreeni Edakhlon

Relaxing The Capsule Contracture In Unhappy Patient

Dr. Sunil Ganekal

Can I Make My Unhappy Glaucoma Patient Happy: Challenges With AGM

Dr. Shweta Tripathi

From Tears To Smile: Multifocal IOL

Dr.Sonai Mukherjee

Post Op Dysphotopsia

Dr. Vivek Mahendra Singh

My Unhappy Patient Post Cataract Surgery (Glaucoma)

Dr. Vikram Singh Chhillar