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Aios Scientific Committee Case Files - Glaucoma Webinar 13/Nov/2021

The Devil Unknown - Dry Eye! Webinar 01/Oct/2021

Good Abstract! Bad Abstract! Webinar 29/Aug/2021

Retina For All Webinar 23/Aug/2021

Aspire For The Cs Reshmi Webinar 06/Aug/2021

Aspire For The Et Selvam Webinar 30/Jul/2021

Aspire For The Col. Rangachari Webinar 24/Jul/2021

AIOS SC Case Files - My Unhappy Patient Webinar 13/Dec/2020

AIOS SC Case Files - Mysteries of Refractive Surgery Webinar 31/Oct/2020

AIOS SC Case Files-Manual SICS in Special Situations Webinar 18/Oct/2020

AIOS SC Case Files-Treat Cataract & AMD Webinar 26/Sep/2020

AIOS SC Case Files - Phakic IOL - Learn It From The Masters Webinar 04/Sep/2020

Case Files Cataract in Diabetic Eye Webinar 30/Aug/2020

Cataract Case Files Global Webinar 28/June/2020

Oculoplasty and Facial Aesthetics Case Files 20/June/2020

Glaucoma Case Files International Stars 31/May/2020

Cornea Case Files International Stars 23/May/2020