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How to apply for AIOC general awards

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    • Any member of the Society who is eligible for the award shall be entitled to be considered for the same. If he is a member of any committee discussing the selection of award, he will withdraw from the discussion at that time.


    • All awards shall be once in four years, two years, or annually as provided in the bye-laws.


    • No award shall be given to the same person twice.


    • Recipient of the award shall be selected and recommended by the Scientific Committee which may seek the opinion of a referee if considered necessary by the Committee. All recipients of the Awards shall represent their work at the next Conference.


    • All awards will be named uniformly.


    • Awards will carry a citation and a medal.


    • 22 hard copies to be sent to the Chairman, Scientific Committee for General Awards (except Free Paper and Video/E-Poster award) on or before 30th September 2021. To encourage more nominations for the general awards, the scientific committee shall accept the applications in PDF format instead of hard copies.


    • Normally any published work can be used as a “Reference” for award submission and the same publication alone should NOT be submitted for any AIOS Award. The submission should contain all the details elaborately.


    • General Council has decided that for any AIOS Award, the winner should get an aggregate score of 75% marks and only then the award should be considered. If the evaluator feels that the submission is good and wishes to consider it for the award, he/she should award 75%/+ marks. Apart from academic, equal amount for personality and personal contribution to AIOS should also be considered. ONE CAN APPLY FOR ONE AWARD ONLY.
      All AIOS Awards will be given to ratified AIOS Members only and only for the work done in India when mentioned as such in the Award conditions.


    • Any Free paper / Video / Physical Poster which has already won an award at National / International level will not be eligible for any AIOS award. These are eligible for presentations and also for certificate of Merit but such presentations will not be given any AIOS Award.


    • Further if any member has already won any AIOS Award for his work, he / She will not be eligible for another AIOS Award for the same / nearly similar work in the same or different subject category.