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What is PPP?

Poster Podium Presentation (PPP) are similar to E-Posters wherein the presenter gets a podium & an opportunity to make presentation about his/her e-poster.


When and where will PPP be presented?

The PPP will be presented during the annual conference of the AIOS.


Who will present the PPP?

The presenting author, who is a member of AIOS shall be presenting the PPP. Remember,  non-ratified members can present the PPP, but will not be eligible for an award or a best e-poster certificate.


Guidelines for preparation of e-poster for PPP

Visit to view the guidelines for preparation of e-poster


Submission of e-poster to the Scientific Committee

The electronic copy of the presntation (microsoftpowerpoint file) can be submitted by using one of the following ways.

  • Upload the PPT using the link provided in the dashboard of your scientific committee portal. (This link will appear only the chief authors of the selected e-posters)
  • Upload the PPT using the link sent to you in the selection notification mail. (This email will be sent only to the chief authors of the selected e-posters)
  • Send the PPT as an attachment to by mentioning the Submission no. and title in the subject line of the email.

The powerpoint presentation has to be submitted on or before 30/Apr to the AIOS Scientific Committee.   Presentation received after the last date shall not be considered for presentation and shall be automatically rejected.  The next in line submission shall be given the opportunity to present the e-poster.


Duration of presentation

Each presenter will be allotted a maximum of 4 minutes to present his / her work, followed by a maximum of 2 minutes of question and answer session.



The PPPs will be judged on the spot by a panel of judges.



The top of each section will be given a best e-poster certificate

The top of each poster shall also contest for the E.T.Selvam award with the top physical poster.


Facilities in the session room

The session room will be equipped with a projector, laptop and screen.


Other guidelines

  • The PPTs sent to the AIOS Scientific Committee will be pre-loaded in the laptop used for presentation. The authors will have to present the same PPT which was submitted to the scientific committee.  The PPT cannot be changed once submitted.
  • The e-posters will also be displayed in the kiosk for the delegates to view any time during the conference.
  • Please report at least 15 mins prior to your presentation schedule.