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AIOC2019 – Selected Current Concepts

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Current Concepts

S.No TITLE Chief Instructor
1 No Aphakia: only psuedophakia: Tips, Tricks & Techniques. Dr. Santosh Singh Patel
2 Biometry: Basics and updates – Road to perfection. Dr. SUWARN CHETAN
3 Too Much Or Too Less, Both Can Make A Mess Dr. Swaraj Bhattacharya
4 Management of ocular trauma due to pellet guns. Prof. TARIQ SYED QURESHI
5 CONQUER SICS Dr. Srirama Chandra Murthy Ravula
6 Glaucoma Course for the other Sub-specialties Dr. Raveendra T
7 Uses of Amniotic Membrane in Ophthalmology Dr. Santosh Suman
8 Dance of phacodonesis – managing subluxated lens, drop & aphakia Dr. Manavi Deokrishna Sindal
9 From The Plains to the Rockies: SICS Basic to SICS Advanced. Dr. Kavita Porwal
10 Instrument placement with reference to surgeons’ hands and other basics never covered till now Dr. Sanjoy Chowdhury
11 Maps and graphs in Ophthalmology Dr. Bibhuti Prassan Sinha
12 Intraoperative Emergencies in Cataract Surgery Dr. Sudeep Das
13 Congenital ptosis: evaluation and management. Dr. Saurabh Kumar Sarma
14 Medicolegal aspects in ophthalmology Dr. Jignesh Bhaichand Taswala
15 Dioptric distress: Biometry Solution for All Situations-Targeting Eagle’s Eye Vision Dr. Vinita Gupta
16 Structural and Functional Correlation in the Diagnosis of Glaucoma Dr. Manoj Chandra Mathur
17 Do’s & Do’t in challenging situations in cataract surgery Dr. Satanshu Mathur
18 A closer look at Atypical Keratitis: Clinical case scenarios Dr. Ikeda Lal
19 Get Crosslinking Straight! Dr. Rashmi Deshmukh
20 Triple Trouble -Hard Cataracts Small Pupils And Other Difficult Situations! Dr. Cyres Keiki Mehta
21 Better Visual Outcome With Newer Iol’s And Technique Dr. Sharat Babu Chilukuri
22 No More Tears : Road map to successful DCR Dr. Ravi Ranjan