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S. No Name Title State Name
1 Dr. Shobhana Phukan (S19549) “A Study of Relationship Between Severity Of Diabetic Retinopathy & Sub-Clinical  Hypothyroidism” Ophthalmological Society of Assam
2 Dr. Madhu Uddaraju (U14383) The last ray of hope-our experience with auro kpro in a series of 11 cases A. P. State Ophthalmological Society
3 Dr Rashmi Kumari (K12746) “H vs U shaped flap technique of External DCR-Comparative Evaluation of Surgical outcome with respect to Surgical time”. Bihar Ophthalmological Society
4 Dr. Parul Goyal (P19355) To Determine The Effect Of Oral Omega-3-Fatty Acids supplementation in Post Lasik Dry Eye Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society
5 Dr. Gitumoni Sharma (S12413) Results of first 100 vitreoretinal cases operated by a beginner surgeon in an advanced vitreoretinal setup at a tertiary centre Chhattisgarh State Ophthalmological Society
Dr. Sumit Monga (M10685) Spectacle prescription in children: Understanding prevalent Practice trends of DOS members Delhi Ophthalmological Society
Dr. Raghav Ravani (R18683)  Intraoperative OCT assisted vitreoretinal Surgery with fovea sparing internal limiting membrane peeling  for myopic  traction maculopathy: our experience Delhi Ophthalmological Society
7 Dr. Rakesh Juneja (J15026) Duration of efficacy of ozurdex in posterior segment pathologies All Gujarat Ophthalmological Society
8 Dr. Prachi Sharma (P20078) Effect of donor age, cause of death and death-enucleation time on corneal endothelial cell density Haryana Ophthalmological Society
9 Dr.Vandna Sharma (V19433) Prevalence and pattern of ocular morbidity in primary school going children in district Kangra , H.P. Himachal Pradesh Ophthalmological Society
10  Dr Mohd Rameez Ganie  Pattern of refractive errors in Kashmiri Population-A hospital based study J & K Ophthalmological Society
11 Dr Harish Kumar (K 19635) Manifestatation of retinopathy in patients with cerebral malaria in Jharkhand.  Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society
12 Dr. Sulatha V. Bhandary (B11799) Utility of Meibography in the Evaluation of Dry Eye Karnataka Ophthalmological Society
13 Dr Rosina Thomas (T14385) Prescribing pattern of topical Antibiotics in Ophthalmology- Are we doing it right? Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeon
14 Dr. Shruti Kochar Maru (K17834) Study of inflammatory pathways and predictors of haze in photorefractive keratectomy  M. P. State Opthalmological Society
15 Dr. Savari Desai (D10834) Contracted Socket Reconstruction – A Case Series Maharashtra Opthalmological Society
16 Dr Sanghamitra Kanungo (K10341) Posterior Segment Presentation of Post Fever Retinitis- Our Experience. Orissa State Ophthalmological Society
17 Dr. Arushi Kakkar (A20748) Profile Of Ocular Trauma Amongst Various Trauma Patients Presenting To Tertiary Care Centre In Punjab. Punjab Ophthalmological Society
18 Dr. Amit Mohan (M11516) Combined Strabismus and Scleral Fixated IOL Surgery in aphakia. Rajasthan Ophthalmological Society
19 Dr. Siddharthan Sivasubramaniam (S09776) Simplifying Descemets membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty  ( DMEK ) Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association
20 Dr Tarjani Dave (D13684) Orbital Implant migration – are we thinking correctly? Telangana Ophthalmological Society
21 Dr. Alok Ranjan (R18966) Intrastromal Keratopigmentation Or Corneal Tattooing U.P. State Ophthalmological Society
22 Dr. Deepak Mishra (M12337) Role of Ocular Parameters in Superimposition technique  Uttarakhand State Ophthalmological Society
23 Dr. Subhrangshu Sengupta (S14452) Progression of Hydroxychloroquine toxicity after its discontinuation Ophthalmological Society of West Bengal