75th Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society ( AIOS ) - Jaipur

AIOS Award

S.No Presenter Name Award Title
1 Dr. Vikas Khetan ( K12049)  AIOS – P. Siva Reddy   International Award 
2 Dr. Pukhraj Rishi ( R08659 )  AIOS – C N Shroff Award
3 Dr. Anand Vinekar ( V10089 ) AIOS – K R Dutta Award
4 Dr. Kaustubh Mulay ( M16657 )  AIOS –  S C Dutta Award
5 Dr. Apjit Kaur  ( A05034 ) AIOS – B K Narayan Rao Award
6 Dr. Ashok Garg ( A03633 ) AIOS – R N Mathur Award
7 Dr. Nirmal T. Fredrick  ( N07958 ) AIOS – Priti Natarajan Award 



[FP1591] Novel altered critical intracellular signaling events in keratoconus & it’s therapeutic potential
Dr.Natasha Pahuja



Best Free Paper Awardees

S.No Presenter Name Section Award Title
1 Dr. Tejal S.J.
 Cataract AIOS – Sante Vision Award [FP752] Outcomes of a management strategy in eyes with corneal irregularity and cataract
2 Dr. Anand Vinekar
Community / Social Ophthalmology AIOS – Community / Social Ophthalmology Award  [FP1343] Concept to Economic Impact: A novel, indigenous, low-cost, camera for ROP screening in the community
3 Dr. Revathy Subramany
Comprehensive Ophthalmology AIOS – Comprehensive Ophthalmology Award  [FP687] Do All Dry Eye Complain Patients Have Really Dry Eyes?
4 Dr. Natasha Pahuja
Cornea AIOS – Cornea Award  [FP1591] Novel altered critical intracellular signaling events in keratoconus & it’s therapeutic potential
5 Dr.Santosh Gopi Krishna Gadde (G16678)  Diabetic Retinopathy & Medical retina AIOS – Rema Mohan Award [FP853] Diabetic retinopathy and systemic factors-Optical Coherence tomography angiography correlation study
6 Dr. Rashmi Deshmukh
 External Disease AIOS – K . C Singhal Award  [FP686] Role of Vitamin D and dendritic cells in symptomatic evaporative dry eye disease
7 Dr. Sushma Tejwani
 Glaucoma AIOS – D. B Chandra Disha Award  [FP1090] Residual effects of anti glaucoma medication on corneal stiffness in primary open angle glaucoma
8 Dr. Swathi Kaliki
 Inflammation AIOS – Inflammation Award  Best Paper From Telangana State Ophthalmological Society : Recombinant Interferon Alfa 2B for OSSN : An efficient and cost effective treatment modality for Asian Indian patients
9 Dr. Gupta V P
 Lacrimal AIOS – Lacrimal Award  [FP1378] Comparison of the cosmetic and functional results of subciliary Ext. DCR vs conventional Ext. DCR
10 Dr. Goyal J L
 Neuro Ophthalmology AIOS – S. D Athawale Award  [FP1673] Prospective evaluation of Pattern ERG changes in cases of unilateral optic neuritis
11 Dr. Rath Suryasnata
 Ocular Pathology AIOS – Ocular Pathology Award  [FP1262] Time Domain Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography in Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia
12 Dr. Punita Kumari Sodhi (S06682)  Ophthalmic Education,  Epidemiology & Prevention of Blindness AIOS – Ophthalmic Education , Epidemiology & Prevention of Blindness Award  [FP102] Diagnostic value of optical coherence tomography and electroretinography parameters in primary open angle glaucoma
13 Dr. Kalyani Deshpande
 Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens AIOS – Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens Award [FP1575] Bowman’s Imaging- A novel imaging marker for detecting keratoconus
14 Dr. Gupta Roshmi
Orbit & Oculoplasty AIOS – Sujatha Savithri Rao Award [FP1204] Risk Factors for Orbital Implant Exposure after Evisceration: A Case Control Study of 93 Patients
15 Dr. Bhavna Chawla
Pediatric AIOS – Om Prakash Award  [FP644] Evaluation of Selective Intra-arterial Chemotherapy For The Treatment of Intraocular Retinoblastoma
16 Dr. Shruti Kochar
Refractive Surgery AIOS – Shiv Prasad Hardia Award  [FP1115] Topo-guided cross-linking: Outcome study and it relationship to cellular biomarkers
17 Dr. Sanjoy Chowdhury
Squint AIOS – Prem Prakash Disha Award  [FP769] Spectacle mounted synoptophore: an innovative approach for household orthoptics
18 Dr. Sneha Batra
Trauma AIOS – Trauma Award  Best Paper From Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society : The lines of vision : Correlation of visual acuity with IS-OS Junction and ELM Integrity in blunt trauma patients
19 Dr. Bhagya Sudheer
Uvea AIOS – Narsing A. Rao Award  [FP427] Polymerase chain reaction and correlation with treatment response in Tuberculous Uveitis
20 Dr. Vanee Sheth
Vitreo Retinal Diseases AIOS – S Natarajan Award  [FP476] PCV and CSR: Diseases of the same spectrum?


E.T SELVAM AWARD (Joint Award)

[FP1036] Innovative use of WhatsApp Messaging and Free Software for GIS Mapping in Ophthalmic Surveys

Dr.Vivek Gupta (G18640)
[FP630] What drives post LASIK ectasia beyond topography

Dr.Natasha Pahuja (P16722)


Best Posters Awardees

S.No Presenter Name Section Title
1 Dr. Ayan Mohanta (M09320)   Cataract [FP520] Anchored IOL: A Minimally Invasive Scleral Fixation
2 Dr. Komal Mehta (M14940) Community / Social Ophthalmology  [FP505] Vision Centres (VC) as a means to reduce Corneal Blindness
3 Dr. (lt Col) Alok Sati (S09925) Comprehensive Ophthalmology  [FP188] Corneal endothelial changes in alcoholics: Relevance to cataract surgeons
4 Dr.Nilam Gohil
Cornea  [FP891] Evaluation of Drug Reservoir Function of Human Amniotic Membrane (HAM) using a model drug – Prednisolone
5 Dr. Gitumoni Sharma (S12413)  Diabetic Retinopathy & Medical retina [FP301] Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis of the Macula After Scleral Buckling For Retinal Detachment
6 Dr. Rakhi Kusumesh (K11392)  External Disease  [FP1481] Role of topical Interferon alpha 2b as first line therapy in OSSN
7 Dr. Vanita Pathak Ray (V15422)  Glaucoma  [FP1499] Phaco surgery with Aravind Aqueous Drainage Implant – results of consecutive cases
8 Dr. Girish Bharat Velis (V16197)  Inflammation  [FP1449] Predictors of clinical outcome in ophthalmia nodosa in tertiary eye centre in south India
9 Dr. Nandini Bothra (B15682)  Lacrimal  [FP1401] Primary Non-endoscopic Endonasal Versus External Dcr For Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction In Children
10 Dr.Harshavardhan Ghorpade (G14398)  Neuro Ophthalmology  [FP532] Optic Nerve Sheathotomy
11 Dr. Raksha Rao
 Ocular Pathology  [FP1363] Ophthalmic Manifestations of Wegener’s Granulomatosis
12 Dr. Vivek Gupta
 Ophthalmic Education,  Epidemiology & Prevention of Blindness  [FP1036] Innovative use of WhatsApp Messaging and Free Software for GIS Mapping in Ophthalmic Surveys
13 Dr. Sanitha Sathyan (S12939)  Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens [FP458] Conventional versus Occlusion-video exercise Combination Therapy in Isometropic Meridional Amblyopia
14 Dr. Tarjani Dave
Orbit & Oculoplasty  [FP1593] Outcomes of ptosis surgery in patients with monocular elevation deficit (MED)
15 Dr. Zia Chaudhuri (C07237) Pediatric  [FP1761] Abnormal visual behavior (AVB) in autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
16 Dr. Natasha Pahuja (P16722) Refractive Surgery  [FP630] What drives post LASIK ectasia beyond topography
17 Dr. Elizabeth Joseph (E04049) Squint  [FP1478] Clinical utility of Anterior Segment OCT in Complicated Strabismus
18 Dr. Subodh Saraf (S13648) Trauma  [FP1520] A rare orbital foreign body penetrating into maxillary sinus (a brake lever)
19 Dr. Spurthi G Reddy (S12838) Uvea  [FP820] Community Acquired Retinitis
20 Dr. Neha Sudhakar Peraka (P18492) Vitreo Retinal Diseases  [FP746] Aqueous biomarker based bespoke therapeutic approach to macular edema in retinal vein occlusions



[VT31] “Extreme inversion”- inverted ILM flap in detached retina with macular holes”
Dr. Vishal Agrawal



Top 15 Videos Awardees

S.No Presenter Name Section Title
1 Dr. Rushita R Kamdar (R15509) Anterior Segment [VT257] Perfecting Outcomes in Dmek.
2 Dr. Mandal A K (M04066) Anterior Segment [VT93] Primary Combined Trabeculotomy- Trabeculectomy (CTT) for Developmental Glaucoma – A 21-Year Experience.
3 Dr. Sheetal Brar (B15612) Anterior Segment [VT145] New Design of Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens with Capsule Fixation.
4 Dr. Shail Vasavada (V13188) Anterior Segment [VT179] Symmetric Scaffold, Stable IOL.
5 Dr. Rajendra Prasad (P14714) Anterior Segment [VT26] Terminal Chop: New Technique for Full Thickness Nuclear Segmentation in Hard Mature Cataracts.
6 Dr. Rajiv Sukumaran (S13433) General Film [VT70] Procedural Tips Towards Operation Theatre Asepsis.
7 Dr. Tarjani Dave (D13684) General Film [VT250] Aesthetic and Affordable Customised Orbital Implants: Technology that Bridges the Gaps.
8 Dr. Santosh G Honavar (H04901) General Film [VT215] Eyelid-Sparing Orbital Exenteration.
9 Dr. Jyoti Matalia (M10661) General Film [VT272] Slicing the Sheath: The Right Technique for the Right Purpose at the Right Time.
10 Dr. Sanket Deshmukh (D16977) General Film [VT237] Endoscope: One Probe Many Scope.
11 Dr. Aditya Kapoor (K15082) Posterior Segment [VT233] Retinal Detachment Associated with Giant Retinal Tears: An Overview.
12 Dr. Giridhar Anantharaman (G03174) Posterior Segment [VT198] Unimanual Versus Bimanual Surgery: Tips and Tricks in Management of Complex Diabetic Vitrectomy.
13 Dr. Vishal Agrawal ( A14677) Posterior Segment [VT31] “Extreme Inversion”- Inverted Ilm Flap in Detached Retina with Macular Holes.
14 Dr. Unnikrishnan Nair R (N10193) Posterior Segment [VT127] Plugging All Loopholes: Surgically Managing Optic Nerve Head Colobomas with Retinal Detachment.
15 Dr. Biju John C (B07187) Posterior Segment [VT84] Challenges Posed by Non Magnetic Intraocular Foreign Bodies and Some Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

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AIOC - 2017

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AIOC - 2017

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