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AIOC – 2016 Award Winners

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S.No Presenter Name Subject Award Name Paper
1 dr_sir_ganeshj

Dr. Sri Ganesh

Col . RANGACHARI AWARD [FP694] Combined Femtosecond Intras- Tromal Lenticule Implantation(FILI)+KXL- A New Modality for Keratoconus.
2 dr_sandeep_saxenaDr. Sandeep Saxena
AIOS – P. SIVA REDDY INTERNATIONAL AWARD “ Novel Insight into the Pathogenesis of Retinal Photoreceptor Inner Segment Ellipsoid Disruption by Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography ”
3 dr_raksharaoDr. Raksha Rao
C.S RESHMI AWARD – BEST VIDEO [VT191] Transconjunctival Orbitotomy –                Tips and Tricks
4 dr_ramanuj_samantaDr. Ramanuj Samanta
E.T SELVAM AWARD – BEST E-POSTER [FP402] Spectrum and Outcome of Aggressive Posterior Retinopathy of Prematurity (Aprop)
5 dr_namrata_sharmaDr. Namrata Sharma
AIOS – R. P. DHANDA AWARD Composite Contribution (both qualitative and Quantitative in nature by doing Corneal Grafts) ; Organising eye Donation work & Training to eye Surgeons in Corneal Surgery and Eye Bank Organization.
6 dr_zia_chaudhuriDr. Zia Chaudhuri
BEST PHYSICAL POSTER-Anterior [FP1255] Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction (CNLDO) and Refractive Errors (Re) in Down’s Syndrome (Ds).
7 dr_sabyasachi_senguptaDr. Sabyasachi Sengupta
BEST PHYSICAL POSTER-Posterior [FP458]  Screening for Diabetic Ret- inopathy with a Portable NonMydr. Iatic Fundus Camera
8 dr_poonitaDr. Punita Kumari Sodhi
BEST PHYSICAL POSTER-General [FP551]  Are XChrom Lenses an Effec- tive Remedy To Rectify Colour Vision Defect?
9 dr_ranajit_mukherjeeDr. Ranajit Mukherjee
Cataract AIOS SANTE VISION AWARD [FP960] The Tunnel IOL- A Novel Tech- nique of Sutureless, Glueless Scleral Fixation of An IOL Using 23g Mivs.
10 dr_mishradivyanshDr.Mishra Divyansh Kailashcandra (D16793) Community / Social Ophthalmology AIOS – J S MAHASHABDE AWARD [FP1439]: 100 Rupee Note As An Effective Replacement for Community Vision Screening..
11 dr_samrat_chatterjeeDr. Samrat Chatterjee
 Comprehensive Ophthalmology AIOS – APOS K VENGALA RAO AWARD [FP366]: 10-Year Fluoroquinolone Resistance Trends in Bacterial Keratitis in Central India & Solutions.
12 dr_sir_ganeshjDr.Sri Ganesh
 Cornea AIOS – AWARD CORNEA [FP694]: Combined Femtosecond Intras- Tromal Lenticule Implantation(FILI)+KXL- A New Modality for Keratoconus.
13 dr_basudebghoshDr.Basudeb Ghosh


Diabetic Retinopathy & Medical Retina AIOS – REMA MOHAN AWARD [FP1249]: Subthreshold Diode Micropulse Laser Versus Observation in Acute Central Serous Chorioretinopathy.
14 dr_rashami_kumariDr. Rashmi Kumari
 External Diseases AIOS – APOS PRADEEP SWARUP AWARD [FP954] : Tacrolimus Vs Cyclosporin – Comparative Evaluation As First Line Drug in VKC.
15 dr_samar_k_basakDr. Samar Kumar Basak
Joint Award
 Glaucoma AIOS – D.B.CHANDRA – DISHA AWARD [FP691] : Long Term Complications of Glaucoma Drainage Devices and Type -1 Boston Keratoprosthesis Surgery .
 16 dr_shikhaDr. Shikha Gupta,
Joint Award
 Glaucoma AIOS – D.B.CHANDRA – DISHA AWARD [FP349]: Inheritance Patterns Among Juvenile Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Patients.
17 dr_sumukh_madhuDr. Sumukh Madhu
Inflammation AIOS – AWARD INFLAMMATION [FP1189]: Changes of Morphological Pattern of Keratic Precipitates in Uveitis by Confocal Microscopy.
18 dr_ruchigoelDr. Ruchi Goel
 Lacrimal AIOS  – APOS SANTOSH HONAVAR AWARD [FP145]: Results of ‘Mirror Tuck Technique‘ for Fixation of Lacrimal Bypass Tube in Conjunctivo Dcr.
19 dr_sanithaDr. Sanitha Sathyan
 Neuro Ophthalmology  AIOS S. D. ATHAWALE AWARD Best Paper from Kerala Ophthalmological Society: Visual Evoked Potential As A Predictor of Visual Improvement in Delayed Visual Maturation: A Longitudinal Clinical and Electrophysiological Study
20 dr_chinmayeeDr.Chinmayee Thrishula Murthy
 Ocular Pathology AIOS – AWARD OCULAR PATHOLOGY [FP1263]: Clinicopathological Study of Caruncular Lesions.
21 dr_suneeta_dubeyDr. Dubey Suneeta
Ophthalmic Education, Epidemiology & Prevention Of Blindness AIOS – AWARD OPHTHALMIC EDUCATION, EPIDEMIOLOGY & PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS [FP621]: Using Lean Six Sigma to Im- prove Throughput Efficiency At Tertiary Care Eye Hospital.
22 dr_kaushikDr.Kaushik Murali
Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens AIOS – OPTICS / REFRACTION / CONTACT LENS [FP1652]: Fresnels As Field Expander in A Rehabilitation of Children with Retinitis Pigmentosa
23 dr_raksharaoDr. Raksha Rao
Orbit / Oculoplasty AIOS – SUJATHA SAVITHRI RAO AWARD [FP1229]: Management of Congenital Severe Microphthalmos with Microblepharon.
24 dr_jitendra-jethaniDr. Jitendra Jethani
Pediatric AIOS – HANUMANTHA REDDY AWARD [FP1523]: Importance of Axial Length in Paediatric IOL Power Calculation inless than 2 year old Children.
25 dr_luchiDr. Luci Kaweri
 Refractive Surgery AIOS – SHIV PRASAD HARDIA AWARD [FP698]: Smile Lenticule As An Ex-Vivo Biological Model
26 dr_prolimathackerDr. Prolima Thacker
 Squint  AIOS – PREM PRAKASH – DISHA AWARD [FP1207]: Efficacy of Hangback Inferior Oblique Recession in the Management of Superior Oblique Palsy..
27 dr_purendrabhasinDr. Purendra Bhasin
  Trauma AIOS  – RAKESH SHARMA MEMORIAL AWARD [FP731]: Posterior Optic Capture of IOL in Pediatric Traumatic Cataract.
28 dr_s_balamuruganDr. S Bala Murugan
 Uvea AIOS – NARSING A. RAO AWARD [FP945]: Validating Polymerase Chain Reaction Results with Treatment Response in Infectious Uveitis.
29 dr_kskumarDr. Kumar K S
Vitreo Retinal Diseases AIOS – S. NATARAJAN AWARD [FP1301]: Anatomical & Functional Out- comes After Treatment of Retinal Arterial Macroaneurysms (RAM).