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Author Topic: Query No: 625 - Good and affordable phaco machine  (Read 3311 times)
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« on: August 26, 2010, 12:01:24 PM »

Dear all seniors and colleagues,
I am planning to buy a good and affordable phaco machine. I am planning to select in between OERTLI CATARHEX,  ZEISS-VISALIS, AND OPTIKON PULSAR 1 as the difference in cost of these machines are not much. I also want to know that should I buy the machine with two hand piece?. Please share your experience of after sales services of these machines.. suggest if any other machine of good quality of this range of cost




Dear Dr Kumar
I had posted the same query some months back and Dr Partha Biswas had settled the issue for me extremly well. U have to try out the machines yourself and see which one u r comfortable with in different case scenario. I have gone on to buy Zeiss-visalis and am extrmly happy with performance of the machine.i would just like to make some practical additions to his suggestions. after sales services vary from region to region. some region u get a complaint of a particular brand and some region of others. i found that the best way to ensure after sales service is to engage the supplier in some form or other, like purchasing IOLs from them on a regular basis. as far as handpiece is concerned, its always better to have 2 handpieces if u can afford them. but it again depends upon how much ur going to use the machine and even better how well r the patients going to pay. if u have a significant usage and affordability is not an issue, buy 2 handpieces. dont get lured by the offer on 2nd handpiece. hope this helps

Dr Vishal,


Dear Dr Kumar,
The choice of the machines you have mentioned are some of the best in the series. A unit may come with a hundred parameters, accompanied by a thousand settings; then allow me to compare it to driving. All cars get you where you want to be, it's the luxury that comes with the other's that make the difference and believe me ,sometimes I wish I was an engineer first then a doctor, then I would have done justice to the extra knobs and pedals that came with the unit) I feel an eye surgery should be least complicated with the best of results.  I would advise you to keep in mind the following salient points before investing in a machine, be sure it is
1) least complicated;
2) Portable ( especially If you are into private practice and attend multiple ophthalmic centres)
3) spare parts and the recurrent cost of the cassettes is affordable
4) The Company and the Engineers are there to back you up
If you are the type of  person who does not want to be bothered with a mixed bag of surprises. My choice would be the Oertli.

Dr Shahnawaz Hossain
Calcutta, West Bengal.


Dear Doctor,
Oertli catarhex is wonderful option.

Dr Haresh B Kheni. 


Dear Dr.Kumar,
For almost two years I was doing regular phaco on Alcon Legacy Machine and now as I have changed my work place; I am using oertli phaco for last 11 months. With legacy the problem was the cost of cassette as it was not recommnded to autoclave and re use it. Considering all the points mentioned by Dr Shahnawaz Hossain; I will suggest Oertli machine.

Dr. Amit Solanki (MBBS; DOMS; DNB)
Consultant Ophthalmologist;
Global Hospital Institute of Ophthalmologist;
Abu- Rajasthan.


Dear sir,
Aalk mund ke oertli swisstech lelo!! it is the perfect machine costwise , recurrent cost wise and after sales service and sturdiness and above all superb performance.

Dr. Bhuptani


Dear  Dr. Kumar,
Oertli is the best. i am using this  machine for 2 yrs.

Dr. Haresh Kheni
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