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( Based on Attendance at AIOC – 2019, Indore )

S.No Course Speaker
1 Solving Refractive Conondrums in Cataract Surgery : IOL
Grand Rounds
Dr. Vasavada AbhayKumar
2 Challenging Phacoemulsification Cases : Combining
Techniques and Technology
Dr. Minu Mathen
3 Small Incision Cataract Surgery – Tips & Tricks to give
Spectacle free 20/20 vision to the patients
Dr. Ragini Parekh
4 Cataract Surgery – Target Emmetropia Dr. TP Lahane and Dr. Vinod Arora
5 Microbial Keratitis : How has new evidence changed the
Dr. Namrata Sharma
6 ROP – Screening and Management of a preventable disease –
All you wanted to know about it
Dr. Gopal Lingam
7 DME Management – Unanswered Questions Dr. Chaitra Jayadev
8 Current Concepts in Management of Amblyopia Dr. Subhash Dadeya
9  Pearls & Pitfalls in Phacoemulsification Dr. D Ramamurthy
10 Tackling Posterior Capsule Rupture and IOL Implantation Dr. Narang Priya
11 Phaconightmares & Worst Case Scenario Dr. Amar Agarwal
12 Game of Ophthalmic Thrones Dr. Sanjay Chaudhari
13 Treatable Macular Disorders Dr. Lalit Verma
14 Retinal Imaging : Reading between the Lines Dr. Unnikrishnan Nair
15 Update – Fine Tuning Cataract Surgery Results : When to use,
what device & What ?
Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar
16 Botulinum Toxin in Ophthalmology : Masterclass with Live
Dr. Milind Naik
17 StrabisMusic : The Surgeon Session Dr. Pradeep Sharma
18 Sterilization of OT Instruments – Decoding the Facts & Myths Dr Bharathi Megur
19 Only FOR Residents : Walk Through Examining a Patient
During Exams
Dr. Kirti Singh
20 What after Residency ? Fellowship, FRCS, FICO, Training
Abroadand Career Options – How & Why ?
Dr. Rashmin Gandhi
21 How to become a Social Media Savvy Ophthalmologist Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya
22 Purchasing Ophthalmic Equipment : Getting the Best for your
Dr. Grewal SPS
23 SICS in Difficult Situations Dr. Kamaljeet Singh
24 From the Plains to the Rockies : SICS Basic to SICS Advanced Dr. Kavita Porwal
25 OCT for the General Ophthalmologist Dr. Dinesh Talwar
26 Phakic IOL Learning it from the Masters Dr. Partha Biswas
27 The Oculoplastics Classroom a step by step Video Assisted
Surgical Tutorial ( VAST )
Dr. Mukesh Sharma
28 Lasik for General Ophthalmologist Dr. Shashi Kapoor
29  Intravitreal Injections in Retinal Practice – What Every
Comprehensive Ophthalmologist Should know
Dr. Gopal S Pillai
30 Dioptric Distress : Biometry Solution for All Situations –
Targeting Eagle’s Eye Vision3
Dr. Vinita Gupta
31 Hospital Infection Control practices & Protocols Simplified – A
Video Assisted Interactive Session
Dr. Chandrasekhar D
32 Infection Control Practices and Protocol in Ophthalmic
Dr. Gitumoni Sharma
33 Nuts and Bolts – Designing and Planning an Perfect Operation
Dr. Anand Parthasarathy
34 Practice Management Dr. Arun Sethi
35 The Conjuctivitis – All You wanted to know ! ” A Case Based
Approach “
Dr. Sonal Vyas
36 Smartphones, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence and Beyond
Dr. John Davis Akkara
37 Phacoemulsification in Complicated Cases – Simplify the
Dr. Mahipal Sachdev
38 Neuro Ophthalmology – Made Easy Dr. G S Kalaimathi
39 Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of
Tumors of the Ocular Surface
Dr. Santosh Honavar
40 VAST for use of Botulinum Toxin, Fillers & Facial Thread Lifts,
for Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation
Dr. Debraj Shome
41 Tool Kit for Residents – How to Get the Best Out of you
Dr. Santosh Honavar
42 A to Z Pterygium Management Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta
43 Diagnosis and Management of Macular & Submacular Pathology Dr. Abhijit Chattopadhyay